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Fighting Covid19: The unknown symptoms

There is a fair bit of information and experiences out there regarding #covid now, however most popular and common symptoms that people are talking about are cough, fever, body aches, weakness (flu like symptoms) and in addition loss of smell and taste. The final one which scares is the ARS (when someone starts with breathing troubles).

I have been now on medication for covid almost 2 weeks, and I still have cough, fever and weakness. I am a 34 years old relatively healthy individual no issues with lungs, yet there are times when I have to take a deep breath to get oxygen in, my oximeter generally refuses to budge and go beyond 95-96. My CT score from the CT scan of lungs which was done 2 days back indicates mild to moderate infection. These however are things many people who have dealt with this virus no now. Every one has different extent and recovery cycle. In my case the recovery is taking longer, but what has kept me thinking is not many people are talking about the psychological impact of this disease. I have noticed some things personally and they do not seem to appear in whatever I have read so far. Not sure if I am an exception but others in my family also did have some similar things.

  • #Anxiety - Initially when you get diagnosed this is due to the uncertainty and scare around the virus, but this subsides as you start medication. Though for me after a week in and when symptoms were receding I had a lot of anxiety to the extent that I did not sleep the whole night and kept sweating repeatedly, a day later the high fever was back. Anxiety was triggered by the pending work accumulating away from work on a friday night. I did not even have to work the next day. My initial thought was to join work asap to reduce this and start clearing what is on the table slowly, but the fever coming back ruled it out and brought more meds and more testes. Here is when we got CT scan done.

  • Lack of Focus - I have had this a lot, generally whenever I am not well, my mind still remains alert. This time though is one the rare occasions where I have felt lost and not in a place to be able to make simple decisions like what to have in lunch be made, forget any calls to be taken regarding work. Again #disorientation is not something I have read or heard about much in the covid related stories.

  • #detachment and #depression - I am adding these to together as one is leading to the other. I was initially worried about multiple things, but as the time is progressing the focus is more and more on myself. I do not worry anymore about things but have this deep urge to walkaway from every thing (#8ofcups energy), this knowing that it is not thr right time and I have no where to got to. The detachment to work and people there is higher but it is present for family also. It's like i have suddenly turned into a self centred individuals without any empathy. And seeing myself like this is triggering depression. Again not sure, how many others have gone through similar experience and what helped them get over this, not many experiences most people say stay positive and that is context of one worrying about surviving the virus. what about positivity to make it through without losing yourself.

May be I am just another paranoid over thinker who is voicing these things, but for me fighting covid is more os a #mentalbattle than a physical one. I am leaving this out here with the hope that someday someone finds an answer to this, in case I do you will find it in the comments below this post 😊.

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