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Job/Career tarot reading for the collective - Timeless

Hi All,

I was drawn to pull out some cards on helping some of you out there with a perspective on what is going in your work life. The #tarot reading is ore in context to people in #Jobs, however please take it as it resonates. May not be for all of you, please ignore what is not relevant to you. So diving in to the messages.

The Current flow:

This is a period of hardwork for you, even though it seems like that you have been doing this for a long time and are on the verge of giving up exhausted, you need to keep going. And go in with #energy and faith of you will make it happen. Keep the passion alive and intentions pure and clear while you put in the #work, recognition and fulfilment will flow in eventually, but honest endeavours need to be made. There are times when we get #lucky and things work out faster and smoother, this though is the time where you would have to slog it, and the rewards also will not be instantaneous. But they will come for sure though small in beginning but will flow gradually and grow into successful and pleasurable experience.

Just to share an example situation, let's say you have a new #project to work on and you are in the conceptualisation phase. So at this moment yo have started working on it, may be spending a whole lot of energy and time thinking on how to operationalise it, however by the time say 2 months down the line you go to execute already feel like its been forever that you are working on it. At this moment it is critical to #presevere and take it to completion with the same level of trust and zeal in it as you started with, to reap the right rewards of your efforts.

The Underlying:

Whatever it is that you are working on, is something that has potential to bring your ultimate dream of stability to life. Do not overthink and get stuck in your mind, look at things from a fresh perspective, without the fear of being left out or abandoned. Trust your intuition to make the right choices and lead you to a place of joy and celebration on this achievement.

The Universe says:

Ignore any drama that comes in while making a choice, for this is the choice of great impact on your individual self. This will be a long lasting part of your life and needs to be given due thought. Seek inspiration within you and use that to overcome any conflicts that arise on the way.

This is all for this #quickread. Please let me know in the comments below if this resonates.

Disclaimer: Be advised that tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only. The individuals reading this are responsible for their own life decisions. Clagent Tarot is not qualified or giving any Medical, Legal or Financial Advice and takes no responsibility for individual interpretations.

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