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Explore tarot with me... And why not start at the Tower..

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The #Tower - now anyone familiar with the tarot might find the choice odd. The usual tarot learning starts with the fool's journey in major arcana followed by the 4 suits. My purpose here is to share my learnings, more as a journal here with the hope that it will help people understand and relate to the energy of the card more with context than just reading through coached meanings.

About 8-9 months back I started watching tarot videos and felt curious about #tarot. So one day while watching my daily dose of Youtube readings, I decided to order a tarot deck to explore more about it. There were a couple of reasons behind it, one the very obvious usual one, with me feeling a little lost and pushed in a corner, seeking solutions/advise in metaphysical, or if you may, seeking guidance from the #universe. The other being my constant pull to explore my #intuition, there have been many occasions where I understand what other people mean without them fully expressing what they mean, has happened at times in both work related and personal relationships. Even as early as high school days, I could, what many say anticipate what comes next. But as time went on and I got busy working on things, I started feeling distanced from my own self. The way I see this is that while I was busy with my material world, working on getting to decent place and recognition in work, the further I was going away from my inner voice. Doing things because had to be done, or that is how the way of the world is etc..

Like most of us, I was also left contemplating more on these things during the #lockdown that covid19 put us in. The lock down both hindered and helped my journey of using tarot to know myself better. Hindered -well the first deck I ordered was cancelled (no e-comm deliveries were allowed). Helped in many ways, from having more time to see readings, read around and understand tarot, while the world was on slow motion outside, there was a lot to be covered internally.

So why, the tower...

I sat down yesterday debating the idea of taking a website live (and I mean the whole buying domain etc.), the question I had to answer was will I be able to create content regularly, followed by the obvious again, will people like it. This in mind I picked my newly unwrapped minideck, holding it in my hand, inspiration hit me. Why not start by putting in an online journal on tarot, most people recommend a daily journal or picking one card at a time to work with. And the tower popped out, while shuffling.

The tower experiences...

Off late my life has felt more like rhythmic wave of big small tower moments, going back to approximately 2 years ago. My experience with this energy has been longer owing to my personal astrology placements, not every one will have prolonged phases of this energy. Hopefully, generally these would be like small short term steep road ahead to help you grow and learn. In my case universe sends one lesson and then let me learn and grow, before I become comfortable in my new grown state, life presents another tower.

From being called unproductive and non contributing in work space, now nothing in terms of my input at work changed, I was as usual with all my capricornian self giving a 120% day on day. The lesson was to continue working without any expectations, no matter if your work is recognised or not by an individual, as long as you stay true to your end of hardwork, things will come around and at times you have to deal with failures despite putting in your best. The results may not come in the form you expect, eventually the same manager came across appreciating my work, with best increments in the team. The few short months in between were tough, going to work everyday, knowing you are doing a thankless job (or manager). A lot of times it is the people around and their perspectives that take over our own version of who we are.

(Deep clear water of river Nile, Aswan)

Great rewards followed the period of pain, to last only a few weeks. I chose to go on a 10 day long solo trip to Egypt, and was that a learning. It helped me regain some lost perspective on myself and also have away time from the craziness of day to day, to process various things, that had been bottled or not addressed for a while. From rejections in various aspects in life, to not taking care of myself, prioritising my needs all came to surface. I started the first 2 days a little unwell, and took a liking to the place as I recovered. In the whole low connectivity period I realised how much of myself I had given (energetically speaking) away in past few years without receiving in return. Returned home happy and replenished only to encounter another "Tower" falling apart at work.

(A resort by the beach at Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt)

You would notice me repeatedly mention examples from work, because that is where I have spent most energy and effort in past decade or so, and one of the purpose for starting this is to change that. To pause, think write down, process what is going on. To give myself some time (this also by the way started with a big tower). But in short I have had at least 8-10 such cycles (mostly work, however some very personal and impactful ones) some closer to each other than others, each time universe asking me to level up or raise my #vibration.

Looking back approximately 2 years versus, ones who have seen me from distance would say, life has miraculously evolved for me (and again it is a work related, materialistic measure which people usually have), but very few, actually only a handful people know the push and pull and the falling towers I have witnessed in the process.

Advice on reading the card

Please do not read the #energy as negative to begin with, approach the card with the lens of an agent of sudden change, who is being sent by universe to take us to a better version of our selfs, and you never know end up manifesting a "Miracle" after the tower. It does feel like the world is falling apart each time this comes, however one needs to work with this energy and understand what it is prodding, the more you resist the difficult the lesson will become for you.

P.S. - Please do not confuse this with death card, that brings change and transformation over a longer period with no visible triggers

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