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Manifesting Love - The proposal you have been waiting for

There are moments of #doubt in any relationship, if you have found this reading with such a thought, this might be the answer you were seeking. This is a general #love reading (timeless), can be for any form of love relationship (romantic/platonic/family). So take a deep calming breath and read on!!

You have been waiting for this:

Good news, they love you!! They have always had deep emotions for you, however they have been working on how to come and share those feelings with you. They are asking around for help, sneaking behind you to find out the best possible way of expressing there emotions, this is coming from a place where they are afraid to get #hurt. They do have a big ego, and are very good at hiding their emotions. They will in future come up with multiple gestures to express how they feel, and an old cycle of anticipation and not knowing will come to an end. You both will set on a new journey forward.

So say, you have a situation where your intuition has been telling you that the feelings are mutual, however you have been worried to change the status quo by initiating a conversation. Hold on, wait a bit longer, you may not have to be the one to initiate, they may be planning to come forward and sweep you off your feet 😉. Be ready though, they come from a place of great clarity and determination (a bit of stubbornness too).

Soul Connection with stability:

They may be the soul mate you have been looking for, with #thelovers in underlying energy. This relationship has the potential to become something very stable and grounded and any issues in communication are going to get resolved. If you chose to move ahead this can bring #dreams to reality.

Universe says:

The thing that you keep wishing on, that #wish was just granted, you will soon receive communication (#goodnews) and something which was hidden(your person's love) from you will come to light. The #universe is blessing you with your long desired wish.

Hope this #quickread helps, please let me know in the comments below if this resonates.

Disclaimer: Be advised that tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only. The individuals reading this are responsible for their own life decisions. Clagent Tarot is not qualified or giving any Medical, Legal or Financial Advice and takes no responsibility for individual interpretations.

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