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The age of revelations and walking away from things that no longer serve us - Tarotscope #2021

The year 2020 has been a transformative year on many levels, be it society, governance, corporations, individuals, everyone has been forced to sit back and think. #Reflection became a big theme this year and has sown seeds to a new era. So, what does 2021 have in store, are we going to be set free from the #pandemic or are some changes we made in 2020 here to stay. Let's find out. I will start with #tarotscope for the over all year followed by monthly view for us as a collective.

2021 - Overview

The overall year looks like a big change forward, there is a profound change in the way you think and the way look at things. the very same things will mean differently than earlier, lifting any #illusions or misconceptions. As a #collective we will learn to look at brighter side of things and move away from what does not serve us. This might mean leaving behind the way we are today as society or the way we have built our communities today. The emphasis and focus has shifted a lot towards #compassion and nurturing people around us. Material has taken a back seat and people come to fore in the thoughts and initiatives you take on.

All these changes and uncertainty are bound to create fear within us. However, rest assured that #spirit has your back, you are being guided to achieve your dreams. The rewards flow in quickly this year, provided you stay strong through adversities and don't lose #faith. One thing to keep in mind as you move through the year is to keep clear intentions, ask for things that are in everyone's best interest and the #universe will reward you, if not the results can be very far from what you expect. Be kind, in whatever you do, you need a lot more #kindness as you go through changes that are in store.


Start of the year, January brings in news or information which lights the 🔥 within us. You feel like going all in and get things going right away. #Guides advise to take it slow, plan well and take small but firm steps forward, this is to protect you from any hear-breaks that can arise due to hasty actions. . Keep your intension clear and set on what you are passionate about, and you will be guided to move in the right direction. You will have support from someone in our life who is compassionate and #creative, they will guide us to the right way of chasing the dreams you have. For those inclined to spirituality expect a new wave of awareness to arrive, which is a reward for your commitment from the universe. In general a month where ideas are born but execution is slow, remember you are loved and protected, there is no need to be afraid.


This month, you are in a commanding position. Lighting the way for others, showing the strength and courage to keep going, bringing an old heavy cycle to an end. The end of this cycle will open space for a new action led time. Last month was about ideation, this month is to put the ideas to action. However, stay cautious and do not burn yourself out. The #tenofswords in both the energy and outcome of the month indicates, a completion of a sstressful situation, and you are able to breathe a sigh of relief. You are ready to take flight onto a new path, the path which leads to abundance and love. Many of you at this time will enjoy socialising and being in limelight. You may also catch someone's eye, if that is what you are looking for.

MARCH 2021

Money and work occupy you mind this month. There is likely to be a sudden change that will bring too much on your plate leaving you no option but to multi task. Keep going, trust your intuition you will come out on top eventually and stand your ground. Even though you may see no way to complete whats at hand, you will have limitless potential. There is divine support with you, #miracles happen where you get stuck. For those seeking their #soul tribe, this may be the month where you find the group you fit with. For some of you there is a probability of hidden things coming to light or dark side of someone around to be revealed, deal with the situation with #love and kindness.

APRIL 2021

The commotion on work and money from last month continues in background. Try not to be very stubborn this month be open to give and receive, create the balance and flow of money and you will not be be disappointed. You are closing an old cycle in #relationships, especially with some older to you or in higher position at professional space. This person is very composed and understanding. They have been along you side for a while, however now that you are taking charge and leading, it's time to say goodbye to them. There is a cosmic #gateway opening for you, it is time when you think things into reality 😉. As you close the old cycle and begin afresh, you receive what was overdue from the universe.

MAY 2021

Looks like we are being asked to clean our closets this year, like the last month you bring closure to a major life cycle and set out on a new journey. This time it's time to look at #abandonment issues triggered by a news coming in. It's time to within and do some #healing, you can not pour from an empty cup, fill yourself up before reaching out to people and helping them. Spirit suggests you will come out of the #journey, nurtured and abundant. You are likely to feel closer to nature and those planning or expecting a child will hear good news in or around this month. You will continue to hold your high ground and excel in material world, while you focus on your emotional self. Advise is to keep a #positive outlook on things and not get depressed.

June 2021

There is a sudden change that comes in your life, trust that this will lead to positive transformation, you are surprised by the way it presents. Do not fret, for the guides say, you already have the solution to the challenge presented. There is a lesson in this situation, take it in stride and move forward with a #bold idea. Universe teaches you to navigate in turbulent waters, and move with confidence. This month you will make decisions in personal life that will not go too well with #family causing some tensions, you know before you decide what the outcome is, while you do what you believe is right, keep in mind that this might result in creating distance.

JULY 2021

The initiatives you took last month, carry you far and this month, your efforts are recognised and you are rewarded. Family situation also improves and there is #harmony once again, with foundations as solid as ever. Unconditional love is brought to you, trust your intuition and decide what ever your inner-self guides you. You are taking decisions, moving forward in a new venture which will bring victory and #success. With all the rewards and recognition come the responsibilities, you would see yourself spend extra time at work. Time and again you feel connected spiritually, and your faith is stronger than ever before. There is a strong possibility of travel also this month, most likely work related.


This month you are gaining clarity on what needs to be left behind, you need to shed anything that does not serve you any longer. You are letting go of burdens to reach a place of #abundance and power. You are focussed to turn your dreams into reality and will put in all the hard work for it. There is a new way of looking at things that comes to you, you are guided to follow your inner awareness. You towards the end on the month will pause to look at all the work put in and wonder if the rewards will be coming any time soon. Keep faith you are on the right path, you are able to #manifest strongly this month. There are divine blessings been showered on you. Guides advise you to not feel overwhelmed or afraid to start over should you hit a road block, these obstacles are there to protect you.


September, well this month brings in long awaited celebrations and coming together of family/friends. There is #joy all around, spirit calls you to work on inner healing this month as you revel in love and support from people around you. There is also a strong shift in your #spiritual alignment, you may find your self drawn to a new guru, or resonating with a new coach. Something in the sphere of #mentorship also is changing, and you find a stronger more positive alignment to this new found #energy. A wish is likely to be fulfilled, very strong prospects of getting married for those thinking of this for sometime. Your guides are shining light on your path, showing you the way ahead.


A very fiery energy presents this month, a lot of decisions or choices to be made. You are in the drivers seat after all the healing from previous month, commanding what you want. You bring a birds eye #perspective to things at work when things get difficult or overwhelming. Your ability to stay calm and not feel rushed by commotion around wins you many hearts. Even with all this happening you see you see the empty cups, and are not able to look at the opportunities being presented. Work on your #selfworth this month, for you need to see what all you have accomplished. There is caution from spirit, while being #hopeful is good, do not sign up for more than you can do. The months calls for a major decision in personal space, which requires a leap of faith.


The month presents new opportunities that bring joy, you meet a #soulmate or find a perfect business/work opportunity/project. All seems good on the surface, however if you get a nagging feeling something is #hidden, do go ahead and double check, there can be information that is not instantly shared with you. This starts with an enthusiastic person coming in, yet as the month progresses, the momentum slows down. Do not get frustrated, be patient, if it feels right to you, things will come through. Spirit advises to #forgive people who might have hurt you at some point in your life, as this is important to your own healing process.


December the last month, brings the year to a close with #drama. You are presented with options to chose from, but only one of these leads you to the path of #wish fulfilment. Be careful on what you chose, for the right decision will bring you the joy and satisfaction of aligning with your divine #purpose. For those trying to find their space in #creative fields, this will be the month of big #breakthroughs. You will be at the right place at the right time. There is synchronicity this month in family life. Chose to offer a helping hand, act with love and compassion. This is also the time to reflect and heal anything from the year, this brings you #peace.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, please take what resonates and leave out the rest. This is a general read for the collective, do let me know how it relates through your comments.

Disclaimer: Be advised that tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only. The individuals reading this are responsible for their own life decisions. Clagent Tarot is not qualified or giving any Medical, Legal or Financial Advice and takes no responsibility for individual interpretations.

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