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What are my spirit guides telling me, Full moon in Libra - Pick a card

We all wonder about the purpose and direction we need to take about in our life, at one juncture or many. This is when going within, being the #hermit is not giving us the answers we seek. A #judgement movement is required to awakes us to our destiny, lead us to the path we are supposed to take. We all act of our free will, yet at times we need the right nudge to act on it. Many say #tarot is for guiding on current situation or energies and can not give you the answer on what to do, I differ here and believe that it can help us understand the energy of what lies ahead, whether we stay the course or change it post knowing, it is up to us.

Today I am doing a pick a card, for people to know where they are at and hope this helps them to understand where they have to go. I was feeling very lost and disoriented in the day and realised its not my energy but that of the collective. There are thee groups to choose from before you go further please pick one or more of the cards/stones in the image above. You may feel drawn to more than one depending on messages you need to get.

  1. Amethyst

  2. Carnelian

  3. Yellow Aventurine

Group 1 (#Amethyst)

Hello group 1, for you the overall energy that I got was that of seeking reassurance or finding it outside of you to get that balance in life. There is a need for validation from people around you, spirits message for you is to look within for the acknowledgement you seek. It is only we ourselves who know what we are capable off. You need to believe in your own power and see you have the ability to both give and receive. There is fairness in the way you seek balance in life and you need to go on fearlessly, accepting any new opportunities that come your way.

You have been curious, spending time reading/researching newer things in recent times. This is a way of coping up from the pain you are going through, you have is the past been drawn to relationships/people very quickly only to find out that they have been cold and manipulative. All your interest and attention to new things is to escape the pain from these situations. But there is good to come out of all these, while learning new things, one thing in particular will present an opportunity for you to seek the life you have dreamed off. Should you chose to take this path, you will step in to a new chapter in your life. It sets in to motion a transformation that leads you to a place of abundance and independence. You no longer need the validation from people, which lead you to disappointments in the past, by people trying to dictate or control you. So, let go of the fear, have faith in yourself, your spirit guides are watching over and protecting you.

Group 2 (#Carnelian)

All right group 2, you are a passionate self confident person. You know very well what you desire, but you are at a cross road. A choice between 2 ways of life, one leads to who you are deep down, the other what your loved ones would like you to be. I get this energy that some how you have always been driven to provide for those you love, putting yourself at the back burner. The full moon in Libra brings a message from the spirit, they are asking you to chose your dreams now. Close the old cycles and embark on a new path.

The decision in front of you is to change your priorities and make all decisions going forward with your dreams at center. Fo a long time now you have carried the burdens of responsibility, especially at work, it is time to change gears and be in a commanding position. You have overcome a lot of obstacles, it is now time to come out and share those experiences and lead the people, you have the wisdom to guide people in a just way. Be open to share your experiences, as they help others to learn and bring you the respect you deserve. You have been keeping things to yourself afraid that you are alone, walk away from any such thoughts and speak your truth. You shall receive victory/success in whatever you seek. The guides are asking you to continue to believe in your self and keep walking the path of your dreams, do not fret about where it leads, just keep going.

Group 3 (#Aventurine)

Welcome group 3, you need to focus and spend time in the here and now. A large part of your time goes in thinking and doing things basis what is expected of you. Often leaving you wonder if you are in the right place, you feel disappointed every now and then. Always tired, unfulfilled, this is because you are carrying the burdens of someone else. Spirit guides are telling you, it is not your job to keep everyone happy, especially not at the expense of your dreams. You need to seek the courage to stand up for your dreams, believe that you can make the right choices and people shall look upto you.

Your challenge is to make that choice, take that leap to a new adventure, choose to leave the current energy/situation that burdens you to seek, the path of your dreams. It is time that you decided to be fair to yourself and allowed your self to be the happiest version of yourself. Though this path is less known rest assured that you have the strength to carry on and your persistence will lead you to success. You will be acknowledged, may even inspire more around you to seek your path. You will bring about a change in the lives of those around you by going after your wishes. Big changes will be set in motion, and luck will be on your side. Universe if helping you through this journey, all you need to do is take the first step forward.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, please take what resonates and leave out the rest. This is a general read for the collective, do let me know how it relates through your comments.

Disclaimer: Be advised that tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only. The individuals reading this are responsible for their own life decisions. Clagent Tarot is not qualified or giving any Medical, Legal or Financial Advice and takes no responsibility for individual interpretations.

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